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About Ronli Ratliff Memorial Fund

RRMF is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Indiana. 


The Origin

Ronli Ratliff Memorial Fund (RRMF) was founded in 2023 by her parents, Sandra Allen and Ron Ratliff, and is being carried out as a group effort amongst all family members and loved ones wishing to participate.


Their mission intertwines remembrance with action, seeking justice for Ronli while illuminating her memory through initiatives that support law enforcement efforts. They aspire to create a positive impact by aiding individuals facing similar ordeals within the community.


The Funds

RRMF allocates its resources toward multifaceted endeavors, including offering rewards for credible information, conducting public awareness campaigns, engaging in community outreach events, facilitating forensic analysis, and producing media content. Even upon resolution of Ronli's case, RRMF pledges to persist in advocating for other open Indiana cold cases, ensuring that Ronli's legacy endures through continued dedication to these causes. We would like to reiterate that the cold case team is 100% volunteer and is NOT a paid position. Every cent raised goes toward Ronli and honoring her legacy. 


The Symbolism

The bracelets are a statement, symbolizing Ronli. Just as you see a horseshoe and may think of the Indianapolis Colts, you may notice someone around town whom you’ve never spoken to wearing one of these bracelets and you will know you both care about a common person. These bracelets are just as much for the wearer as they are for Ronli. Even if it is just a daily reminder of Ronli for those wearing them, it is the meaning behind them that we hope matters.

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