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Share your favorite stories and memories of Ronli for everyone to enjoy and learn more about the kind of person she truly was. 

"Do you remember when..."

"Your story here..."

"She was genuine, unconditional, and an emotional rollercoaster that was passionate and loved with her whole damn everything! But don't get me wrong- you don't get rotten-ass friends by being an angel. We all have imperfections, but she was still the best of us all. I would drive her all the way to work in Greenwood and she would tell me "just take my car." I was dumbfounded- her car was brand new and epic for kids our age! She said "no, really, ride with me and drop me off... JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T FORGET ME OR LEAVE ME!" and I can honestly say I never have."

"Ronli's room was always chaos. She would have piles of clothes all around her room, shoes in a heaping pile in the closet, notebooks and markers always within reach, and usually a few CDs laying around. You couldn't see the floor! But she always knew exactly where everything was, which piles of clothes were clean, and which were dirty. Robbin was visiting and wanted to have a sleepover in Ronli's room, which I of course so desperately wanted to do with them as the baby sister. They made a deal with me that I could sleep in Ronli's room with them, but I had to sleep on the floor. And not just anywhere on the floor, but by the shoes! And I wasn't allowed to move anything or the deal was off. So, as the baby sister who wanted to hang out with her super cool older sisters, I obeyed and slept on a pile of heels for the night! She had glow in the dark stars on her ceiling and they pretended to play a game with me, searching for pictures in the stars, until I finally fell asleep and they could gossip in peace while laying in the comfy bed."

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